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How to make Promotional and Documentary Films

About the Presenter and the Experience

Hugh Fenton has been making educational and promotional films for organisations such as The Department for Education, Telstra, Department for Environment, City of Playford, University of South Australia, Headstart Homes, Inkling, ANZ, Save our Sons and many more for close to fifteen years. He became well known for his Cinematography on films like Embrace The Documentary (currently on Netflix).

But Hugh’s real passion is education. And realising that film was only one piece of the educational puzzle, he ventured into designing holistic learning experiences, which bring content across simply, allowing  the audience more time to apply the learning.  This course puts Hugh’s filmmaking knowledge into a step by step experience that explains how to shoot interviews and imagery and how to edit them together into a promotional, educational, or documentary film. The filmmaking skills acquired are also directly transferrable into narrative, music, and wedding films. 

Why Do This Course With Us?

We are obsessed with the idea of self-improvement. We believe that with the right knowledge and the right learning environment people can better themselves. We create courses which re-invent the way learning occurs. Our talent is to simplify complex ideas. It’s actually our super power! In the course that you can currently purchase here called “How to Make a Promotional, or Documentary Film,” you are invited to step by step learn how to make a film and put those ideas into practice immediately by making your own film. What makes this experience special is that we have made it as succinct a message as possible, so that you can learn fast and start applying. Do this course if you’d like to become an experienced film maker in as short a time as possible. Do it if you would like to create a very good film.

How to make a Promotional and Documentary Film : Included Course Content

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